These are bizarre

and scary times in our world today.

The global virus, called the Coronavirus or COVID-19, has affected a lot people in many ways. But I am also seeing humanity at its best.

One day I was listening to a program on TV and heard someone say that this virus is like a forest fire and it can be beneficial. Now that’s interesting, I thought, what’s good about a wildfire?

So, I did a little research. Burning is a natural process that generally helps restore the forest ecosystem. Forest fires are an efficient and natural way for a woodland to rid itself of dead or dying plant matter. The decomposed organic matter enriches the soil with minerals that help new plants sprout up quickly.

Wow, isn’t it amazing how this earth can restore or regenerate itself in different ways?

Now that’s all nice and dandy, but how does this affect us who are in the throes of this pandemic.

Well, if you think about it, we too go through forest fires that are called life circumstances such as: death in the family, a loss of a job, health issues, or maybe a divorce. These experiences are painful just like a roaring fire going through a forest. We reexamine our lives and prioritize what is important to us. The best part of these events is when we get to the other side and we realize how much stronger and wiser we have become.

The worldwide pandemic has affected everyone thrusting us all into a wild forest fire. In the midst of this tragedy, I have seen people come together helping their fellow man. I see the love and well wishes on social media giving words of encouragement to decrease the anxiety. I hear of individuals reaching out to their neighbors making sure that their needs are being met. The health care field is taxed but I see clinicians going above and beyond the call of duty to help care for many who are sick.

Friends, we are awesome people! We have stepped away from our busy, self-focused lives and are looking outside of our bubbles by reaching out to others. We have set aside our differences and banded together, all on the same mission to survive this pandemic.

There is sadness also, and my sincere condolences to those family and friends who are experiencing the loss of a love one. May God grant you peace during this hard time.

It’s amazing how we really do need each other. Yes, we do know how to care and love our fellow man. Just like the forest needing a cleansing, we too need a reality check of our lives and be aware of what is important in this world.

Take full advantage of this time and allow yourself to grow into a better person. I think it makes us stronger in so many ways. It is painful but we are resilient people and we can get through this. Next year we will look back and think, wow that was rough but we got through it and we are better because of it.


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