From the moment I came into this world, it seems that I have caused some type of pain or grief for my mother.

I would like to say that I was a good obedient child, but I will have to give that title to my sister.  But I can honestly say that my mom’s life has not been boring, and I definitely can take some credit for that!

At eleven years old I was in a bike accident and refused to go to the hospital because I didn’t want to ride in an ambulance.  As I sat in the back of the police car, I watched my mom walk up to the officer while eyeing me, probably trying to gage how injured I was.  I’ll admit I was kind of scared, but it did make me sad to see how worried my mom looked.  Again, I had disobeyed her and ridden my dad’s bike with a friend in the busy part of town.

Moms give us wings to fly and rides to the ER when we don’t understand what a metaphor is. —Andrew Blackburn

Mother and young daughter

Mom and me

My mood swings as a teenage girl may have been a little dramatic at times.  Countless fights with my sister.  I think my mom got worried that I might get lost amid my chaotic dirty bedroom, maybe that’s why she kept telling me to clean it.

After I had received my driver’s license, I took our old Dasher Volkswagen out on the highway.   I vividly remember pressing down on the gas pedal and watching the orange needle make its way to 60, then 70 MPH.  Butterflies swarmed in my stomach as I held on tight to the steering wheel.  80, 90 then 100 miles per hour.  Feeling the wheel shimmy in my hands I laughed and hollered out a whoop!  Then I thought, wow this might not be safe and released the gas pedal and allowed the car to roll at a unhurried 55 MPH.  I don’t know if my mom knew what speed I drove the car, but I think she might have turned a little white when she found out I drove it on the highway.  Evidently the car was not in the condition to be out hot rodding around.

With the dates, relationships, marriages and divorces in my life, my mom never needed to find drama in her life because I kept her supplied well.


Throughout my adult life I would get cards from my mother encouraging me to keep going.  Despite the headaches and stress, I caused her, she always conveyed that she loved me.  I wonder how often she had knee pain; I think she prayed a lot for me.

Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is a glorious life force. It’s huge and scary — it’s an act of infinite optimism. —Gilda Radner

I realize that I could have lived a less chaotic life if I had listened to my mother more often, but evidently growing up and being a mature adult took this girl a while to get there.

Yes, I am very aware of how fortunate I am to have a mother who cared for and loved me and took responsibility for a daughter who tended to walk down a path of her own.

Now in her eighties, my mom still quirks her eyebrow at me or shakes her head at some of the crazy things I do now days.

Becoming a mom is a job that you never retire from.  The position is open ended.

Mother and two daughters sitting on a log in the forest.

My mother, sister, and I on one of our family backpacking trips.

Motherhood is not an easy task and not every woman is equipped to accomplish this successfully.  There is a lot of trial and error, stress, sleepless nights, and tears.  But the best part about being a mom is the little human being you brought into this world, nurturing them, and seeing them grow up into adults.  I would call that a lifetime work of art from a mother’s heart, sweat, and tears.

There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one. – Jill Churchill


Mother and two daughters

The goofy picture of me, my sister and mom.

If you’re a mom in any way, no matter the situation, I just want to tell you, “Hang in there!”  Encourage your child to be their best.  Teach them the ways of life.  Make sure they know you love them in some way because this is what will spur them on.  There’s nothing like having a mother who’s got your back.

Motherhood is tough. If you just want a wonderful little creature to love, you can get a puppy.” —Barbara Walters

For sixty years my mom has cheered me on, enlightened me about life, prayed for me, and conveyed that she loves me deeply.  So, I will take advantage of the time I have left with my mother and enjoy this special relationship we have.  Thank you, mom, for all you have done!  I love you!

It takes a lifetime to truly appreciate all the ways a good mom makes all the difference. —Ellen Brenneman


Mother and two young daughters in white dresses.

My mother, sister and I before going to church.

John 16:21“A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born, she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.”

Happy Mother’s





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