is something I have little time for of lately, but when I do, I think about what it will be like when we finally kick this nasty virus in the butt.

Spring has sprung and soon summer will be upon us.  Backyard barbeques, outdoor parties, girl’s night out, movie nights, shopping, and vacation trips with friends and family will be happening.  Or will it. 

Now, with the stay at home order, social distancing and wearing of masks is in place making it difficult to experience human touch and closeness with others.  At least temporary.

I don’t know about you, but my hair is getting long and I’m missing my monthly haircuts.  My mom says she is getting shaggy, meaning her hair is getting long too.  I recently took my hair dilemma to the social media and received several ideas.  One suggestion was to just shave all my hair off.  Now that would solve a lot of my problems with long hair!

When was the last time I saw my son?  Gee whiz, it’s been over a month, which for me is a long time.  Sure, I keep tabs on him via the phone, but I miss seeing his face and giving him my motherly hugs.

Vacation trips are on hold.  Last week my sister, my mom and I were supposed to travel up to Seattle to see two of my aunts.  Then my sis usually stays for awhile and helps my mom and dad do stuff around the house, getting the garden ready and other chores that I find unlikable.  But this year I had to step up and take the place of my sibling.  Ha!  That’s a joke.  My sister is detailed and does an awesome job in what ever she does.  Plus, my mom and dad always enjoy seeing her.  Well I did my best in helping my folks with what needed to be done, but I’m sure it wasn’t up to my sister’s standards!  I tried!

How many of you are not able to see your love ones because they are in a nursing home or assisted living situation where visitors are not allowed?  Perhaps your being safe and holding off with visiting the older generation to protect them from this virus.  I commend you for doing this, it’s not easy.

Eating out, shopping, going to movies and sports events was something to do for fun.  I miss that. 

Not seeing my friends is hard for me.  We do talk on the phone, do social media or send cards and packages, but there is something about being in the presence of my friends that feeds my soul.  I MISS MY FRIENDS!

Watching Church service on the internet every Sunday is fine and dandy, but darn it, I miss going to church and worshiping with others.  What about the potlucks, who misses all that good food?  Me.

Shoot, just the simple act of seeing my patients in their home with the barrier of a mask and a shield is driving me nuts.  I miss handing out hugs and shaking hands.  At times I feel like Big Bird and Darth Vader mixed into one with all my PPE gear on while warring the COVID-19 battle with my patients.


Eventually we will see the light at the end of the tunnel and be able to get back to our socializing as before.  In the meantime, I think it’s important to stay in contact with your friends and family.  Reach out with a phone call.  Send a card or a letter.  Connect with others on social media and stay in touch with your local church.  Us humans need these connections.

I have faith that our current situation is not permanent, and that it will get better.

We will come up with a vaccination to beat this virus.

We will be able to get back to our shopping and eating out.

We will go on those vacations we have been planning.

We will have those back-yard barbeque get-togethers with our friends and family.

Life will get back to normal as we know it to be.  Don’t lose faith.  Keep waiting, it will be here soon.

Stay strong!

Stay safe!

. . . . . we will beat this COVID-19 VIRUS AND KICK IT OUT OF THIS UNIVERSE!


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