Last year I tried something different.  I chose twenty words to highlight what I would like to see in the year of 2021.  I printed the year 2021 and all the words on a paper, framed it and sat it on my piano to look at often.

Many times, I would ponder what the words would bring me and as I progressed into the year, I found that I was pleasantly surprised.  In July while studying the words I realized most of the adjectives had been addressed.  By the end of the year, I was excited knowing that I was able to attach many activities that I had experienced with all the words.


My summary for the 2021 words:

There was never a lack of ADVENTURE once I put my fears and anxiety to rest.

My utmost GRATITUDE to the BOLD and fearless who inspired me to reach further into the unknown.

Learning how to be CALM and just BREATHE made difficult times bearable to walk through.

Life of those lost and remembered were CELEBRATED.

I EMBRACED who I am because God created me with a purpose for my life.  I’m happy and content.

FAMILY ties became stronger, and FORGIVENESS was bestowed on someone who at times I thought was not worthy of it.

There have been plenty of GIGGLES, “Put-the-candle-back!”  Sorry, only a few know this movie reference.

I have been blessed with good HEALTH.

HOPE and JOY resided in my home while the umbrella of PEACE covered my family.

I found a new PASSION in skydiving that brought me many SMILES.

Having a new outlook on life has provided an ABUNDANCE of life experiences that have taught me how to grow into a BETTER person.  I’d say that it put a SPARKLE in my life!


I enjoyed this so much that I decided to do it again for 2022.

The words I chose are Alert, Beautiful, Courageous, Defiant, Eager, Fancy, Funny, Obedient, Precious, Thoughtful, Victorious, and Wild.

I’m not sure what these words will have to say by the end of the year but I’m sure God will give me plenty to talk about.

If your interested in trying this, google lists of Adjective words and choose one, five, ten, or twenty words to highlight this coming year.  Print out the year 2022 and then list the words below it on a paper.  Put this somewhere where you can see it on occasion and consider if any of the words may have a new meaning in your life.

2021 has been a year packed with laughter and smiles with unwanted sprinkle of loss and disappointment.  There was never a lack of learning something new about myself.  I am full of hope and anticipation that 2022 will be bursting with new experiences that will give me a ton of memories to look back on.


“You can get excited about the future. The past won’t mind.” —Hillary DePiano


Photo by Dimitry Zub on Unsplashed


Happy New Year,



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